Saturday, December 8, 2012

Wall Of Hesitation

It seems great,
With changes in life,
Transformation in habits,
Without any fear,
Without any doubt,
Able to welcome,
New friends in life,
Earlier was a wall of hesitation,
Now things changed,
Wall is fallen,
With true sense,
Now I feel complete essence,
New fragrance,
New aroma,
I feel thrill,
Silence of silence,
Became itself vibrant,
Now I can talk,
With whom I want to walk,

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ending of this story With new beginning

Ending of this story,
With no friendship,
To new friendship,
With new beginning,
In the same compartment,
In the same train,
In the journey of my life,
Pulse of time ticking,
Color of feelings appearing,
In water bubble,
Floating rainbow everywhere,
I am enjoying,
     With my learning’s,
As I have learnt now,
How to say?
 Something to a woman,
Thank you for your silence,
That encouraged me to be vibrant,
And hoping for the best,
That I will get,
A beautiful wise friend,
From this silence,
Silently will come,
And hold my hand,
And will say,
Hello my friend,
I am your best friend

Saturday, June 23, 2012

With blessings of silence.....

In the journey of life,
For a while,
We were,
 In the same compartment,
In the train of time,
We talked lot,
Through eyes,
Felt joy together,
Realized feelings,
Of each other,
Never faced,
Never talked,
Only of silent smile,
Tried silently,
To come nearby,
We both were wise,
Aware of truth,
Our journey is long,
And in assumption,
May be in confusion,
Not sure about,
What will happen next?
May be, may not be,
Our destination is not same,
After a while,
You have changed,
Your train,
And we lost the opportunity,
To face again,
Again we came across,
Very-very close,
In front of each other,
With high breath,
But not able to speak,
Even a word,
Our heads were down,
And eyes in hope,
We were rush in time,
We crossed each other,
With blessings of silent smile,

Monday, June 11, 2012

Boys & Girls Can Be Friend

Truly said,
I am afraid,
Not because,
I am wrong,
I didn’t want,
To disturb you,
As I know,
Girls face,
The same always,
Someone tries,
To make her admire,
It’s became,
Sometime headache,
  Some mischievous act,
Done by boys,
And is a proverb,
Boys are naughty,
And is a nightmare,
 I have seen,
Protectiveness of girls,
 They shrink,
Like tortoise,
And made a habit,
To ignore the all,
I don’t want,
To make you alike,
That’s the reason,
I never tried,
To force you a while,
Never created,
Any constraint for joy,
I always like,
Freedom of smile,
Silently with silent,
Feel the joy,
Boys & Girls,
Can be friend,
Can maintain the limits,
And the trend,
 Psychologically it is impossible,
By design,
It is fragile,
 But mentally is feasible,
Meditation makes you stable,
Can keep you neutral,
Learning says,
Open your mind,
As we know,
All this need,
Struggle for existence,
Survival of the fittest,

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Why I am not yours?

   ( On behalf of yours )

Hey dear,
I don’t have fear,
As so many poems,
You have written,
I like it or not,
Doesn’t matter,
It is obvious,
It is expected,
Girls like,
Who says in her eyes?
Either or,
Who can dare?
To stand with his words,
 It’s really funny,
You say lot,
But on paper only,
It’s not fair,
Why don’t you dare?
To come to me,
To say, that you want to say,
Don’t you know?
Girls never says,
Only smile,
Wants to fly,
In the sky,
Only with desire,
Someone will come,
 To make her admire,
As it is said,
Wise people never afraid,
But to see you poor boy,
I couldn’t stop to laugh,   
Your funny, foolish act,
Really makes me smile,
Have you ever tried?
To look in my eyes,
And felt,
What is my desire?
Do you know the meaning of silence?
It says to face,
You have written all this wisdom for me,
But it’s my advice,
Walk on it first for a while,
And only then,
Ask me?
I will ask you,
What is design?
What is divine?
And why I am not yours,
And you are not mine.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

True, Simple and wise

You are beautiful,
Simple too,
I have no idea,
About your kindness,
For me,
You have no compassion,
Never show any emotion,
Silently always,
Rejected my friendship,
Again and again,
Don’t I deserve?
Your friendship,
Am I not eligible?
To be your friend,
Do I have no status?
To hold your pride,
Simply you hate,
Or afraid of,
True, Simple and wise,
That is I am.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Beauty With Simplicity.....

You are alike with actress,
You like the most
“R H T D M”
For me its meaning is,
Real Human,
Truthful Deeds,
Melody of Music,
And !
Beauty with simplicity,
For mankind,
But !
It is else for you,
"Isi Life mein”
“RJ” actress I like most,
And I am alike with her,
Invisible attraction,
Between us,
Silently says something,
But we both are soft,
As per need,
I should behave,
Like “Rajeev from America”,
As it is not easy,
To keep beauty with simplicity

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

For Valentine’s Day.....

O! my adorable,
Cute friend,
My beautiful poems,
Lines Yes!
Roses are for rose day,
Meanings are for propose day,
Tunes & rhythms,
Melodies are for chocolate day,
Beauties & fun,
Simplicities are for teddy day,
Emotions & joys,
Fragrances are for hug day,
Honesty & trueness,
Commitments are for promise day,
Respect & dignity,
Feelings are for kiss day,
Silence of mine,
Heart & eyes,
Breaths are for Valentine’s Day,
I have nothing to gift you,
More than you blessed me,
Only I want to say you,
Thank you!
As moments are never dies,
And I am fool,
It’s enough to make you cool,
And it’s true,
Though you laugh at me,
 I like you with your smile,

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I have never thought.....

I have never thought,
I will be crazy for you,
As I had never spent,
 Time & money!
Essential to be a friend of girl,
Magic of infatuation,
 Yes! Was known to me,
That’s why?
I had keep away myself,
Yes! With beauty,
I was always happy,
With me and my wisdom,
And my favorite line,
The woods are lovely,
Dark, and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
From that magical evening,
How you are rooted inside me?
Silently with silence,
I came to knew it,
When you have left,
Only at your absence,
I have felt,
The importance of your grace,
How poor I am?
Without any glaze,  
Still I have in my mind,
Only your beautiful smiley face,

Saturday, December 24, 2011

A True Friend

Friendship is a gift,
Blessed with,
Equality and integrity,
Freedom with understanding,
Strength of emotion,
Selfless sacrifice,
Is something else?
And you are afraid,
To accept me as a friend,
It’s amazed me!!!!!
Don’t you listen?
Nature says silently,
To enjoy its silence,
Welcome the thoughts,
Feel the flow of emotion,
Get energized,
Be with pleasure,
And please,
Don’t stop a butterfly,
To be a friend of flower,
Why I request you?
To change your paradigm,
As I know,
Only beauty of flower,
Can keep butterfly alive,
And a true friend,
Always be with you,
To make you smile.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

I Am A Spontaneous Flow Of Energy And Emotion.....

We are civilized,
And with our paradigm,
That’s why?
Only I am your friend,
Not you are my friend yet,
Once, twice, and thrice,
Being with silent,
Balanced with your silence,
Firmly with strength,
This is your beauty,
To dealing things with ease,
Simplicity is your fragrance,
As I know,  
We have our own reasons,
Correct at our places,
But one thing,
I want to say,
Thank you,
I have learnt a lot,
Either or both is meaningful,
For me,
Friendship with living being,
Is my nature?
I am a spontaneous flow,
Of energy and emotion,
And you too,
Part of this universe,
You will get me everywhere I am,
It’s beyond your limitation,
It’s a pure consciousness.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Why men kneel down?

Why I have fear?
Though I know myself,
And human nature,
If I will not do wrong,
I will not get harm,
There is no point,
To fear!
With the silence,
Silence itself says about wisdom,
Wisdom and fear can’t be together,
Even then,
To talk simply,
Why I haven’t faith?
As it is said,
  Nobody can ever know,
The woman,
The beautiful design,
Soft and weak,
What does she think?
May be little vibration,
Can create an illusion,
False relatively,
Can make her violent,
And if silence burst out,
Only darkness will be there,
As a learner,
I should believe,
Should be brave,
Come up with nightmare,
I am a man too,
I know,
This is a feature,
  God has given at design level,
Silently with silence,
So that nobody knows,
Why men kneel down?
To say something,
To a woman,