Saturday, December 8, 2012

Wall Of Hesitation

It seems great,
With changes in life,
Transformation in habits,
Without any fear,
Without any doubt,
Able to welcome,
New friends in life,
Earlier was a wall of hesitation,
Now things changed,
Wall is fallen,
With true sense,
Now I feel complete essence,
New fragrance,
New aroma,
I feel thrill,
Silence of silence,
Became itself vibrant,
Now I can talk,
With whom I want to walk,


  1. This poem is the bridge between the two phases of my “poetic novel”. First phase is completed with around ninety poems (some of them are on blog, to understand it in better sense you need to read from my first poem onwards available on blog) second phase is just in beginning…..
    Hoping for the best…… :)
    Thanks for visiting all of you.
    I need your true hearty wishes blessings for my write up ….. :)